Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I ate

So you may have noticed some silence here the last few days. I was traveling, to Kansas to see my parents, and, well, the best-laid eating plans of me went straight to hell. I also fell off the no-soda wagon.

So be it. That's done now.

I recommitted today. Obviously, I forgot a few things during my time away from paying attention. Things like: Beef adds up really quickly. And: Deep-fried anything is bad for you. Lessons re-learned.

There are going to be setbacks. It's the nature of the beast. It's the nature of me. The key is to not stay set back. Period. I'm grabbing this motherfucker by the horns and getting it straight. I'm not going to let myself fucking lose this battle.


Daily Report for June 12, 2013

Daily Log
Egg, Scrambled, Large3 Each306
Cheese, Swiss, Shredded⅓ Cup137
Coffee, Brewed8 Fluid ounces2
Lettuce, Green Leaf, Shredded6 Cups32
Tomatoes, Fresh, Med1 Each22
Onion, Green, Chopped1 Cup19
Dressing, Caesar, Newman's Own3 Tablespoons225
Beer5 Fluid ounces64
Ground Beef, 85% Lean8 Ounces567
French Fries, Frozen, Cooked w/ Salt45 Each302
Bacon, Cooked2 Pieces87
Cheese, Cheddar, Slice1 Each113
Buns, Hamburger, Stroehmann1 Each110
Banana, Medium, 7" - 7 7/8" Long1 Each105
Blueberry Greek Yogurt, Fage1 Serving140
No nutrient data for: Fat, Carbs, Protein
Apple, Medium1 Each95
Iced Coffee, Small, Dunkin Donuts2 Each20
Cream, Half & Half2 Tablespoons39


Food Calories2,383
Exercise Calories-
Net Calories2,383
+/- Calories-227

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Anonymous said...

Keep it up!!! I am enjoying your journey.