Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What I ate today

In retrospect, I did something really smart with this, not entirely meaning to. I focused on how and what to eat for weeks before I shifted into thinking about calorie limits. That's made the calorie limits much easier to abide by.

I tried Lose It! once before, early this year, without that kind of preparation: Just downloaded the app and started calorie counting: But I didn't change what I was eating. Sodas, cookies, cheesesteaks at lunch were bumping me up against the calorie limit by early afternoon; I became angry and obsessed with the limit.

If you're eating one or two salads a day, like I am now, and have cut way back on the pastas, breads, sodas, and certain sweets—well, staying under the cap is easier. And that makes me less frantic about the existence of the cap. So trying (and kind of failing) Vegan Before 6 at least put me on the right road: Some plant food is better than others.

I'm bound to have setbacks. But my first taste of success has made me feel empowered. I can lose this weight. I am not merely a victim of my own bad choices; I can make a better life by making better choices going forward. And I can do it, especially, with your continued support. Thanks for the encouragement, folks.


Daily Report for June 4, 2013

Daily Log
Veggie Egg And Cheese On Whole Grain Toast, Saxbys1 Serving290
No nutrient data for: Fat, Carbs, Protein
Latte, Large, Iced, Saxbys1 Serving289
No nutrient data for: Fat, Carbs, Protein
Chicken, Grilled, Taco Salad Add On, Qdoba2 Each380
Dressing, Fat-Free Plicate Ranch, Qdoba1 Each45
Lettuce, Taco Salad Add On, Qdoba1 Each15
Salsa, Corn & Black Bean, Taco Salad Add On, Qdoba1 Each80
Salsa, Pico De Gallo, Taco Salad Add On, Qdoba1 Each10
Lettuce, Romaine, Hearts, Fresh3 Cups22
Tomatoes, Fresh, Med1 Each22
Dressing, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Newman's Own2 Tablespoons90
Chicken Breast, Skinless, Cooked1 Each142
Cheese, String1 Serving80
Banana, Small, 6" to 6 7/8" Long1 Each90
2% Greek Yogurt, Fage1 Serving140
Banana, Small, 6" to 6 7/8" Long1 Each90
Sausage, Patty, Original, Vgtrn, Morningstar Farms2 Each160
Walking15 min59
Walking10 min39


Food Calories1,945
Exercise Calories98
Net Calories1,847
+/- Calories-763

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