Sunday, June 2, 2013

What I ate today: June 2


Daily Report for June 2, 2013

Daily Log
Sandwich, Sausage, Egg & Cheese, on English Muffin, Starbucks1 Each500
Banana, Medium, 7" - 7 7/8" Long1 Each105
Coffee, Brewed8 Fluid ounces2
Spinach, Baby, Fresh2 Cups14
Tomatoes, Fresh, Med1 Each22
Chicken Breast, Skinless, Cooked1 Each142
Dressing, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Newman's Own2 Tablespoons90
Pizza, Cheese,3 Slices816
Banana, Medium, 7" - 7 7/8" Long1 Each105
Banana, Medium, 7" - 7 7/8" Long1 Each105
Greek Yogurt Honey, Fage1 Serving190
Walking15 min62
Walking10 min41
Walking15 min62
Walking30 min124


Food Calories2,091
Exercise Calories290
Net Calories1,801
+/- Calories-915

Couple of notes:

• I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. There will be a weigh-in, obviously, along with consultation about whether I've chosen the right approach to this thing. There may be some other related news.

• I've heard several people suggest that my daily calorie budget is too high. The program I'm working with—like Weight Watchers—starts your calorie budget based on your current weight and tries to glide you down: When I've lost 20 pounds (knock on wood) I won't have as high a budget. As it is, I'm coming in well below my limit--especially on days where I make salad my default meal. I took some steps today to ensure that'll be the case throughout the week.

• Some people will gasp to see three slices of pizza at dinner. What I can say: The pizza was prepared by a vegetarian friend who makes her own dough from whole wheat flower, and who barely uses sauce. Not wanting to bother her for a precise ingredients list, I've used the program's default calories for fast-good cheese pizza. I'm betting a true accounting would be fewer calories than what's listed.

• I forgot that one reason I moved to the city was to be a walker. So tonight, I walked from my house at 23rd to a friend's house on Sixth Street for dinner. It would've been about a half-hour, except I stopped twice to chat with people I met along the way. That, it seems to me, is probably also a part of health.

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