Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Military's Un-Christian Chaplains

The Washington Post reports on the views of military chaplains about the repeal of DADT. The official Pentagon report includes one of the most depressing sentences in the history of the world:
"'In the course of our review, we heard some chaplains condemn in the strongest possible terms homosexuality as a sin and an abomination, and inform us that they would refuse to in any way support, comfort, or assist someone they knew to be homosexual,' the report stated. 'In equally strong terms, other chaplains, including those who also believe homosexuality is a sin, informed us that 'we are all sinners,' and that it is a chaplain's duty to care for all Service members.'"

It doesn't bother me that Christian chaplains believe homosexuality is a sin, although I disagree: that's to be expected. But I'm horrified at the attitudes of those who would refuse to show Christian love to gay servicemembers -- and gratified for the example of those chaplains who would provide assistance despite seeing homosexuality as a sin. The Christ of the Bible hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors, and railed against Pharisees who sneered at people who didn't share their moral rectitude. I'm not a Christian anymore, but I know which group of chaplains more clearly emulates the man they supposedly worship.

That said, I really hope we're not going to be in the business of letting chaplains set military policy, no matter which policy they favor.


Anonymous said...

Don't think this is actually true. Every chaplain signs a document saying they realize the military is a pluralistic environment and they will provide care to all regardless of what they believe. In 22 years of being a chaplain, never heard anyone with that opinion. This is only an inflamatory statement.

Active Duty Chaplain

Joel said...

Active Duty Chaplain:

Appreciate your service. But are you suggesting the Pentagon is lying about its chaplain corps? Because that quote above is taken directly from the Pentagon report.