Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A note to my friends about our differences in the Democratic primary

I've spent the last decade arguing — vociferously at times — with conservatives over the right policies and principles by which to govern our country. By virtue of some twists of fate, some of those conservatives have ended up among my best friends.


Now that the Democratic primary season is headed to the stretch run, I find myself arguing vociferously with my liberal friends about which candidate to support. I've come, reluctantly, to the position of being a Hillary supporter. Many of my friends disagree.

In churches, its often the tiniest doctrinal differences that cause the biggest rifts. So it seems to be with this primary season.

So let me say to my Democratic friends with whom I'm at variance currently:

We want, broadly, the same things. We just disagree a bit on the best way to get there.

I'm not inclined to end or even sour a relationship over politics. I'm even less inclined to harm a relationship when the differences aren't that large.

I don't expect to give up my opinions for my friends — but neither do I expect, or want, to forsake my friends for my opinions. We ought to be able to live with some disagreement. I hope that we can.

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