Thursday, June 28, 2012

Next up: Barack Obama to put a tax on singing 'The Star-Spangled Banner'

"“Today’s decision will go down in infamy. It marks the moment when we all lost our freedom because the Supreme Court drew a road map to guide those dedicated to imposing a totalitarian, statist government on the American people. 
“The majority opinion on the individual mandate, authored by Chief Justice Roberts, held that, so long as failure to comply with a government directive is penalized by something ‘reasonably’ called a tax, Congress can force Americans to buy anything. It can force Americans to do something, indeed anything, like eat broccoli. It can force Americans not to do something, like not be obese. Or even not sing the Star Spangled Banner. All of this would be lawful under this ruling today. 
“There is no limit on the evil coming, unless we amend our Constitution. A dark day for America, indeed.” 
Maureen Martin
Senior Fellow for Legal Affairs
The Heartland Institute "
Emphasis added. No other comment offered.

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