Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pennsylvania public workers not overcompensated

News from EPI: Pennsylvania public-sector workers not overcompensated, EPI study finds: A new Economic Policy Institute study released today finds that full-time state and local government employees in Pennsylvania are not overcompensated, when compared to otherwise similar private-sector workers.  Pennsylvania public employees’ hourly compensation costs are a statistically insignificant 2.1 percent lower than that of private-sector employees.
That's a local note, but it's consistent with the findings of most similar studies. Republicans are trying to paint public workers as unfairly and grossly overcompensated, but generally speaking, they're not.

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Notorious Ph.D. said...

Something similar came out in the middle of the whole Wisconsin debacle. I think the part I found saddest was the reaction of private sector workers who bought the whole "overcompensated" line. One man interviewed complained basically that "I don't have X, Y, and Z benefits, so why should they, just because they have unions?" To me, the answer seems obvious: private sector workers should fight to get those benefits they so envy.