Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why can't Chuck Grassley just say no to Trump?

Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, a longtime GOP leader in the Hawkeye State, tells National Review Online that he is open to hearing Donald Trump’s case for the presidency. But that’s where his enthusiasm ends. “I’ll listen to anybody,” he says, “but I wish that General Petraeus would get interested. I’ve only had one person in Iowa ask me about Donald Trump.”

Obviously, this is a long way from being a full-throated endorsement of Donald Trump on Grassley's part. But given that Donald Trump is a reality TV host who has lately been doubling- and tripling-down on "birther" accusations against President Obama, would it hurt Grassley to skip the politeness and say flatly: "This guy has no credibility"? Is he being overly polite, or is the Republican party that far gone these days that even the worst conspiracy-driven vanity candidates must be given a respectful hearing?


namefromthepast said...

I'm no Trump fan but the birther thing won't go away as long as Obama keeps spending millions to hide the issue.

Abercrombie the democrat gov said he would produce the stupid thing and he stubs his toe.

24% of Americans believe he was born outside the US in a recent national poll.

We can all agree at this point it is a needless distraction.

I don't think it is politically wise to go this route-I agree with you there-but if Trump wants to raise hell with his own money-it still is a free country.

Joel said...

Name: I try to give a respectful hearing on just about everything. This issue ... nah. To the extent there's controversy, it's because birthers refuse to take "yes" for an answer. There's documentation, it has been directly viewed by the media, and any further efforts to keep the issue alive come entirely from folks who want to undermine the legitimacy of the president because ... well for a few reasons, none of them savory. Republican leaders ought to be able to say as much, but they've been captured by folks William F. Buckley once drove out of the party. It's embarrassing.

Joel said...

Even Ann Coulter agrees with me. http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/andrewsullivan/rApM/~3/ONd-8cVnyj8/y.html