Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who wins under Paul Ryan's budget plan?

Chait: "Americans overwhelmingly oppose cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. Ryan understands he can only make his plan acceptable if those cuts are seen as necessary to save the programs.

And certainly some level of cutting is necessary. But Ryan's level of cutting goes far beyond what's needed to preserve those programs, and it does so in order to clear room for a very large, regressive tax cut. He is making a choice -- not just cut Medicare to save Medicare, but also to cut Medicare in order to cut taxes for the rich."


Rick Henderson said...

I see Chait's "cut taxes for the rich" macro still works.

KhabaLox said...

Rick, are you saying Ryan doesn't want to cut taxes on the rich? (I haven't looked at the details of the budget proposal, so I don't know, but I'm guessing he does).

Atlanta Roofing said...

I have read some of the comments and feel this, the GOP and big business interests want us all to pay the taxes, fight the wars, work for nothing and leave them alone so that can run the country into the ground and live the American Dream. Congressman with signs" pays my way and I will screw the people in every way possible"

KhabaLox said...

From Slate:
"Though his budget committee isn't responsible for taxes, Ryan includes the boldest tax reform proposal since the 1980s, proposing to lower top individual and corporate rates to 25 percent and end deductions."

I guess it's good to have a macro if they keep doing the same thing over and over again.

KhabaLox said...

Yeah, let's lower the tax on the rich and corporations (who are currently contributing less than they have in decades), but keep taxing the middle class. That will stimulate the economy. Right.


It's not that Republican politicians never learn. They know exactly what they're doing. It's that conservatives who support them never learn. Trickle down doesn't work, but Rick (it seems) and other conservative, middle class folks, think the GOP has their best interests, and the best interests of all tax-payers and Americans at heart. News flash: They Don't!