Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A fantasy budget for liberals that will never, ever happen

The People’s Budget would finance $1.7 trillion worth of public investment over the next decade, most of which is front-loaded over the next five years. The budget would strengthen Social Security by lifting the cap on taxable earnings. The budget also would accrue health savings of $308 billion over the next decade, primarily by creating a public option for health insurance and negotiating prescription drug prices for Medicare Part D.

The budget would reduce conventional and strategic military forces, for savings of $692 billion and end all emergency war supplemental appropriations for savings of $1.6 trillion. Finally, individual and corporate tax reform would ensure sufficient revenue to cover federal outlays by the end of the decade.

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brendancalling said...

but that's not entriely the point.
the point is to pressure obama as strongly from the left as he's pressured from the right.
Obama puts his position on the budget as the leftmost pole, and then moves right toward ryan: a recipe for disaster.

The Peoples Budget moves the goalpost further to the left, pressuring the administration. Whether it works is a different question.