Monday, April 18, 2011

Billy Eger returns

I was worried he'd stopped paying attention. Billy Eger's latest:

Your definitely not an accounted,your definitely a communist liberal loser,you have 2 braincells an 1s out looking for the other one.Joel you really can't be this stupid ,but ,then again you think your a journalists,far, far,far from it.its ok,cause soon thier won't be print media an your stupidity will NOT grace the paper anymore unless sum1 goes online too read your immature beliefs,wich I doubt they will do.have a crappy day Asshole .oh all those loser government workers who enslave themselves to the sleeper cell in the whitehouse,fuck them,those people need to get a life ,its all corrupt DEMS an Republicans,don't need to be in public schools or tell me what too eat,drive or breath,this was created by banks that didn't even need to be bailed out. It's the next ponzi scheme,they ran out of tax dollars because of layoffs an jobs leaving country they have to devise way to tax u so they can have their martini in Belize.I feel sorry for stupid people like you,even more for your kids if you have any,they'll probably even laugh at how stupid you are an how they can pull the wool over your eyes an closed mind.later loser,1 more thing ,all you media assholes play with peoples emotions instead of just printing facts.your ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL losers. Fuck off an .........
billy from wickliffe

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