Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NYT: Nation better prepared for rising gas prices

I, too, am better prepared for the rising cost of gasoline this time around. I live in the city and don't have a car!

It's true that some of my costs will still go up, in the form of rising prices on food and goods that have been shipped to Philadelphia, where I live. But not having and using a car provides a rather substantial cushion against the shock of an oil-price spike. I guess this lifestyle isn't for everybody, but—despite the overall higher costs of living in a city than living in Kansas—it's probably better-suited to my pocketbook.


Rick Henderson said...

Try the correct post this time.

Hmmm. The cynic in me reads this story and sees an apology for the Obama administration. I should go back to 2008 and see how the NYT treated the gas price surge then, when Bush was in office. Wailing and gnashing of teeth would be my guess.

Rick Henderson said...

I was right.

The links if from a right-wing site, but it does cite that the networks connected Bush to the high gas prices during his administration. Today, Obama gets a pass.