Sunday, February 20, 2011

In Wisconsin, Republicans discover democracy

Love this from Sen. Lindsay Graham:

Graham: “In a democracy, when you run on something, you do have an obligation to fulfill your promise. [Gov. Walker] didn’t take anybody by surprise, he’s doing exactly what he said. There was a referendum on this issue and the unions lost, and the Democrats in Wisconsin should come back to Wisconsin to have votes.”  

Graham, of course, a starring member of the the Republican minority during the 111th Congress elected with President Obama. Somehow, Republicans--despite massive defeats at the polls--found it right to ignore the message voters sent then in order to mount a record 112 filibusters in one year. Lectures from Graham on the nature of democracy are frankly laughable.

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namefromthepast said...

Actually Joel, the filibuster is part of the process.

Also the 111th Congress for the most part was elected on the battlecry of "We don't like Bush either" Not inspiring nor a mandate from the masses as evidenced by the midterms.

Could it be that it was the Republicans listening to the masses despite being the minority? The votes by the last congress were and continue to be unpopular.

Say what you want about the situation, issues, etc. but, the Republicans stood, fought, and lost, the battles of the stimulus and Obamacare etc.-they didn't run away and hide.

The democrat senators from WI are just running away to pout like children. If you want to laugh at something may I suggest...