Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Philadelphia Inquirer comes home

There's apparently confusion over whether is about to suddenly and unexpectedly erect a paywall, but this part of Phawker's report about the Inquirer is good news if it's true: "Also, expect less national and international wire stories and more local news inside the A section of the weekday edition of the Inquirer."


I've mentioned a few times that the Inquirer's front page -- and, really, it's entire A section -- is a relic of older days when A) the Inky had reporting assets to spread around the world and B) when readers couldn't easily get worldwide news from other sources. If I want to read reporting that originated in the LA Times or New York Times, I can read those papers! But the Inky has continued to fill its front section with stories from those organizations. I expect I'll retain a slight bias for the Daily News, just because I live in Philly and I expect the Inquirer will remain largely suburban in its outlook. But this decision is overdue for the Inquirer, and I welcome it.

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