Monday, January 3, 2011

BREAKING: Hugh Hefner is a gross, icky old man

When Hugh Hefner announced on Twitter that he was engaged to a woman who could be his great-granddaughter, it marked another instance of the Playboy tycoon living up to his reputation. A key part of that image involves the Playboy Mansion, the enviable setting of star-studded parties. But some of Hefner's so-called girlfriends have started talking about the inner workings of the place, revealing it to be more like a prison than a palace of love, reports the Daily Mail. At least for the women. That Hefner would treat women like property hardly seems surprising. Yet beyond that, it turns out the mansion is a disgusting mess that constantly smells like dog urine. They also had to put up with nightly curfews that would only be lifted when they accompanied Hefner to a club, where he would constantly check his watch to time his Viagra just right so that he could later enjoy the sex parties where he "just lay there like a dead fish," according to one of the disenchanted women.

A conservative friend of mine commented that this news wasn't surprising to people who run in social conservative circles. My reply? This story isn't really surprising to people who run in feminist circles, either.

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