Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why does Sarah Palin want our soldiers to be fat, slow and vulnerable?

The soda machines in mess halls have been removed and replaced with milk and juice. Drill sergeants are encouraging new soldiers to choose a serving of fruits instead of coffee and a candy bar for energy. White bread and pasta is being replaced with whole grains, sunflower seeds, yogurt, and salsa.

"This is not (just) an Army problem," said Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, of the Army's Training and Doctrine Command. "This is a civilian problem that we're receiving and fixing."

I'm joking with my headline, but Palin's much-publicized critique of Michele Obama's anti-obesity initiative, um, objectively puts her on the side of fat-assery*. And fat-assery isn't good for the nation! It's not good for our soldiers, nor our health, nor our medical bills! If Mrs. Obama was spearheading a BMI requirement that would require Americans to hit their optimum bodyweight or else face fines or some other santion, I'd understand Palin's objections. Instead, it looks like she's being churlish in the face of a real problem.

* Which, granted, puts her on the side of ... me.

(Hat-tip: PhillyGrrl)

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