Sunday, December 5, 2010

Deborah Solomon Interviews Das Racist!

It's been awhile since I did a Deborah Solomon watch. But I gotta say, I love her interview today with Das Racist -- because it shows everything that's wrong with her interviewing style, and thus gives Das Racist a wonderful platform to display their wit and humor.

How does Deborah Solomon be Deborah Solomon today? Well, there's the obtusely phrased questions:
You jokingly describe yourself as “Puerto Rican cousins” in a song title, when in fact you are neither Puerto Rican nor cousins. What are you actually?
The obsession with finance:
If your albums are available free, how do you make money?
The it's-all-about-her pugnaciousness for no good reason:
This is precisely why I make a point of never asking rappers questions about politics.
And her sheer Deborah Solomoness:
Like most musicians, you dislike the process of categorizing your work. That said, how would you categorize your work?
But this time the whole things works as a showcase for the interviewee instead of the interviewer -- for once -- because Das Racist has so much fun with the absurdity of Deborah Solomon. Totally worth checking out.

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phillygrrl said...

"Vazquez: Touring. Most people are making their money on touring, merchandise and licensing. I’ve been paying rent off the shows for a while now. My rent is $290, so it’s not a big deal. It’s five people in a four-bedroom in Bushwick. I keep my stuff at my parents’ house. I like to go home, hug my parents, drink chai with my mom, watch Hindi movies and re-Indianize two days a week before I re-emerge into the filth that is progressive liberal white America in trendy Williamsburg."

Trying to figure out of this is a mistake... I'll ask Heems. So funny!