Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Tears of a Boehner

I Tweet:

"Every single Republican now praising Boehner's 'humanizing' tears would've mocked the manhood of any Dem who cried."


Rick Henderson said...

Snark, snark, snark.

I think it was Jake Tapper who tweeted something like, "Get used to it, America. Boehner's a cryer."

Anonymous said...

Not true. Tears are not, in themselves, a thing to be condemned. Depends on the motivation. Voinovich's tears of fear were stupid and laughable and he was roundly condemned for them as he deserved to be. Tears of humility and in recognition of the awesome responsibility handed to one in the midst of a crisis like this--particularly when coming from such a humble background? It is small-minded to laugh at that, whatever your politics.