Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Problem With Stateless Terrorism

Is that this kind of stuff will only work for so long:

"On Monday, Germany, France and Britain said they had banned cargo shipments from Yemen, following a similar move by the United States. Britain prohibited passengers from carrying printer cartridges aboard flights, and Germany halted passenger flights from Yemen as well."

Remember, we're at war in Afghanistan to keep Al Qaeda from re-establishing a foothold there. We're not invading Yemen, but it's clear we have stepped-up military operations there. And now we're going to isolate the country. Each small step, I think, makes sense on its own -- but the accumulation of steps appears to be that we''ll either be bombing or quarantining most countries where Al Qaeda decides to constitute itself for a time, with each act of defensive-minded aggression and isolation serving to isolate the Muslim world from the West. Not incidentally: That's what Osama bin Laden wants! I'm not sure how one constructs a strategy to use a fly swatter on Al Qaeda wherever it happens to be instead of clamping a lid down on the whole Middle East, but the current process doesn't seemed destined to serve our security or cultural interests over the long-term.

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