Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holding the GOP Accountable

Via James Fallows, sense-making from Andrew Sullivan*:

"My view is a relatively simple one: the GOP ran on cutting spending. I think their first move should be to propose a path to balancing the budget in the foreseeable future. I want to see their actual proposals on entitlements and defense. They refused to reveal them before the election. Are we supposed to wait till 2013?"

Damn straight. My personal prediction? GOP rhetoric about fiscal responsibility will prove as hollow as it ever was -- enthusiastic about tax cuts but unable or unwilling to force the pain of even proposing real budget cuts to match. There'll be talk about how the tax cuts will "pay for themselves," even though there's no real evidence that happens.

* I'm still boycotting Sullivan, but I can't help it if James Fallows quotes him, can I?

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