Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Mob Ain't Like the Movies

The Inky reports on the upcoming sentencing of reputed mob leader Andrew Merola:

"One of the more audacious schemes outlined in a 30-count indictment handed up in May 2008 involved the creation of counterfeit bar codes that Merola and his associates used to purchase high-priced items from stores like Lowe's, Home Depot, and Circuit City.

The defendants placed the phony bar codes over the bar codes of expensive merchandise before checking out, according to authorities.

They then sold the items at close to market value on the street, or peeled off the counterfeit bar codes and returned the items for full store credit.

Examples cited were a bar code for a vacuum cleaner priced at $49.97 used to buy a Dyson vacuum that listed for $549.99; a bar code from a chain saw that sold for $44.97 used to buy a saw valued at $374; and a bar code for a welding machine worth $58 used to buy a machine that sold for $669."

Sounds pretty petty. Hard to see a "Goodfellas" sequel made out of the great Dyson caper.

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