Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Enough With The Rand Paul Stomping Already

I was shocked at the video of a Rand Paul supporter stomping on a MoveOn supporter -- but, weirdly, I think we're making too big a deal of it. If there was a small army of Rand Paul supporters marching through Kentucky, stomping on the necks of sign-holding liberals, I'd be concerned. But one incident doesn't tell us anything, really, about the underlying dynamics of a candidate or the ideology he shares with his followers. I got tired of conservatives smearing "SEIU thugs" based on one incident last year; I'm already tired of this.


emawkc said...

Wait, so now you're saying that the actions of one or two people shouldn't be extrapolated into a jumbo sized rhetorical brush with which to paint a negative picture of an ideology with which you happen to disagree?

Joel said...

I admit: I didn't expect you to come after me for essentially defending Rand Paul.

But I'll bite: When did I say otherwise?

Joel said...

Did I say something bad about K-Staters?