Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Nook and Kindle drop below $200

So sayeth the New York Times. And that sounds like great news -- I have the Kindle and Nook apps for both my iPhone and my netbook; I'd really love to own a dedicated e-reader. On the other hand: If the price is coming down this much, this quickly, does that mean dedicated e-readers are about to become extinct? Choices, choices.


moosmutzel said...

I have a Kindle, Ted has a Nook. I like my Kindle better, he likes his Nook better - I think it comes down to what you had first and you are used too. Kindle definitely has much better costumer service. Mine broke after over a year and they just send me a new one (and no I had no extended warranty). Ted's Nook was messed up right out of the box and they gave him a very hard time exchanging it 12 hours later.


RobbL said...

I don't think they'll become extinct. The money is in the content, so the content providers will do the same thing cell companies do: Take a loss on their reader in order to lock you in to their content.