Saturday, June 1, 2013

What I ate: May 31

Daily Report for May 31, 2013

Daily Log
Egg, Scrambled, Large2 Each204
Sausage, Patty, Original, Vgtrn, Morningstar Farms3 Each240
Coffee, Brewed5 Fluid ounces1
Dressing, Fat-Free Plicate Ranch, Qdoba1 Each45
Chicken, Grilled, Taco Salad Add On, Qdoba1 Each190
Lettuce, Taco Salad Add On, Qdoba1 Each15
Salsa, Corn & Black Bean, Taco Salad Add On, Qdoba1 Each80
Salsa, Pico De Gallo, Taco Salad Add On, Qdoba1 Each10
Lettuce, Romaine, Shredded3 Cups24
Chicken Breast, Skinless, Cooked1 Each142
Cheese, Parmesan, Grated1 Tablespoon22
Dressing, Caesar, Newman's Own3 Tablespoons225
Pizza, Cheese, 14", Fast Food1 Slice272
Strawberry banana Smoothie, Saxbys1 Serving250
No nutrient data for: Protein
Pear, Large1 Each133
Yuenling Lager16 Ounces180
No nutrient data for: Fat, Carbs, Protein
Popcorn, White, Oil Popped4 Cups220
Walking15 min62
Walking10 min41
Walking10 min41
Walking10 min41


Food Calories2,253
Exercise Calories186
Net Calories2,066

Believe it or not, this is well below the number of calories my app says I need to limit myself to to lose a pound a day. That's what happens when A) you fat and B) you have salad as two of your three main meals. (That's a chicken salad, actually, for both meals.

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