Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sitting Bull: Original Tea Partier

Fox News is raising some hackles with its "Obama Praises Indian Chief Who Killed U.S. General" headline, but that's what Fox does. It seems to me, though, that Sitting Bull would actually be a Tea Party hero. This is a movement, after all, that not-infrequently raises the specter of "Second Amendment remedies" to government overreach and trots out the now-tired "tree of liberty must be refreshed by the blood of tyrants" quote (I'm paraphrasing) at every opportunity.

Well, Sitting Bull was somebody who actually walked the walk. He took arms against a literally encroaching federal government that, by any rational standard, was robbing his people of their property rights. From an ideological standpoint, this guy should be a Fox News hero! What makes him different, I wonder...

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