Monday, November 15, 2010

The Perpetual E-Reader Revolution

New York Times: "This could be the holiday season that American shoppers and e-readers are properly introduced." Wait. Wasn't everybody writing that last Christmas? (Yes.) How many Christmases in a row are we going to hear that e-readers are really arriving in the American marketplace this year? Haven't they gotten their foothold by now? I think so. Maybe it's time for a new narrative.*

*Incidentally, really enjoying my iPad as an e-reader. I can do Kindle and Nook and Stanza and iBooks on it. Don't know why anybody would bother with a single-bookstore machine like Kindle at this point.


KhabaLox said...

In related news, ToyRUs tells me that they have the "ULTIMATE Christmas Train Set" for $99. Surely I will never have to buy another Christmas train set again, ever. Right?

leslie said...

Last week I was wondering about the invention of movable type, and wondering how much time Gutenberg spent printing books that heralded the new age of movable type.