Thursday, June 7, 2012

Michael Kinsley's 'full disclosure' paragraph is my favorite in the history of the genre

He writes about Mayor Bloomberg's proposed soda rules:
The basic case in favor of Bloomberg’s proposal is in some ways even more compelling: Bloomberg is the founder and majority owner of Bloomberg News’s parent, Bloomberg LP, and therefore my boss. In all likelihood, therefore, he is right about soft drinks and sugar, just as he is right about almost everything. (And even that “almost” is only there as a sop to my dignity.)

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J. Blessinger said...

Wow. Kinsey's arguments are barely coherent. What he calls "libertarian absolutism" any libertarian would call "libertarian". His essential creed, apparently, is that it's okay to take people's freedom if some people will be slightly more healthy. Why not morning calisthenics that, if you miss, you pay a hefty fine? Why not a sin tax on baking ingredients: Cooking oil? Tax it! Butter? Ban it! Why not arrest people who drive old cars that don't have air bags or ABS? It's for their health, right?