Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blog news

First of all, a thank you to everybody who reads this blog regularly: October was the best traffic month I've had since returning to this Blogspot site after leaving Philadelphia Weekly. It's more gratifying to write this stuff when people are actually reading it.

Second of all: I'm certain I won't break that record in November. I have my (knock on wood) final diverticulitis surgery on Nov. 8, and preparations are already consuming my time and mental energy. I won't be here quite as much this month. I'm sorry about that. My hope is that being restored to full health allows me to write and opine more vigorously than before.

I had thought, for a little while after the first of my three surgeries, that I might abandon political blogging entirely. What I've discovered in recent months is that I have a passion for understanding and making sense of how the country is run, and how it might be run better. I want the blog to reflect my other interests, too: Parenting, cooking, reading, movies. But the core of it will continue to be learning and thinking about policy and politics. My hope is not to hew to orthodoxy, but to be an independent thinker. Maybe even "original thinker" on occasion, but I'll settle for independent at the least.

So I hope you're still here when I come back. Thanks again for reading.

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Allen Klosowski said...

I read almost every post. Hope you get to feeling better soon!!!! (Also, for some reason some of my comments don't show up, so hopefully this one makes it!)