Monday, October 10, 2011

When Philadelphia sucks

A MOTHER of four who was the director of her own elementary school and day care in Overbrook was a bystander killed by reckless gunfire Saturday night, police said.

"She was an excellent person," said Homicide Lt. Mel Williams. "You have a real victim here."

Hafeezah Nunrid-Din, 31, was heading to a car with her father on Malvern Avenue near 58th Street shortly before 8 p.m. when two young men ran past her and her dad, Williams said.

Shortly after, gunshots rang out, according to police. It's believed the bullets were intended for the two men who ran past Nunrid-Din but instead, they hit her once in the left shoulder and once in the right side of her back, police said.

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Notorious Ph.D. said...

A real loss for Philly, sure. But: "a real victim"?!? As opposed to...?