Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today in Philadelphia police corruption

AS THE U.S. attorney tells it, Walter Jacoby was a Philly cop with a fraud scheme on the side.

Authorities said that Jacoby, who worked as a patrol officer and cell-block attendant in the 22nd Police District, in North Philadelphia, was supposed to safeguard the personal belongings of recently arrested and incarcerated individuals that had been placed in temporary storage.

Instead, Jacoby, 30, of Burholme, in the far Northeast, allegedly stole their debit and credit cards and used them to buy gas for his personal vehicle and various items for himself.

Jacoby was charged yesterday by criminal information, a process that typically indicates a plea deal is in the works. Both Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Brenner and defense attorney David Averett declined to comment on the case.

Jacoby is the 34th Philadelphia police officer to be charged with a crime since 2009.

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