Friday, December 10, 2010

Philly Police Corruption Watch

An officer is suspended after repeated accusations that he steals from North Philadelphians:

It wasn't the first time that (Officer Joseph) Sulpizio, a narcotics officer with Strike Force North, had been accused of theft. He'd been taken off the street twice since 2008 for allegedly stealing money from people he detained but never arrested.

At least two high-ranking narcotics supervisors have repeatedly contacted the Internal Affairs Bureau - in memos and phone calls - to voice concern that Sulpizio might be a thief.

Next month, Sulpizio is scheduled to go before the Police Board of Inquiry to explain why he took Castro to Front and Tusculum and failed to radio in his whereabouts.

Yesterday, Commissioner Charles Ramsey removed Sulpizio from street duty for a third time after the Daily News asked Sulpizio's superiors for comment.

"I benched him," said Ramsey, who added that the department had taken Sulpizio's gun from him.

Thank God for Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman.

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