Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cliff Lee's return to Philadelphia brings me a step closer to complete betrayal of the Kansas City Royals

I want to stay a Royals fan. I don't know why I still want to be a Royals fan -- something about not turning your back on who you are and where you come from, I guess.

But Lordy, people, it's tough to stay strong when you live in a place where the major-league team just beat out the New York Yankees for the most-coveted free agent in baseball. A pitcher I really loved during his first go-round here. 

I know, I know: Big-market and small-market disparities. It's still way more fun to root for a team whose objective is "let's try to win the World Series next year" instead of "maybe we'll be ready for above-.500 baseball in 2012 if everything pans out juuuuuuust right."

I'm trying to stay loyal, Royals. But the Phils are making it real hard. I might even buy my son a Phillies baseball cap.


James said...

I live in Omaha, and we're really enjoying the prospects coming through our KC Triple A team on their way to The Show. Hang in there. You should see some real hope in 2011, and in 2012 the KC Royals may truly contend.

Joel said...

Hi James: Thanks for commenting. As it happens, I'm a very short train ride away from being able to watch the Royals' Single-A team at Wilmington. I plan to visit next summer.