Friday, November 12, 2010

Will Obama Give Tax Breaks To The Wealthy?

It sure looks that way: "President Obama has infuriated progressive Democrats by signaling that he's willing to compromise with John Boehner on the extension of the Bush tax cuts. Obama has long said that he wanted to extend the cuts for the middle class while letting rates rise for the wealthy, but Republicans threatened to kill any legislation that didn't preserve tax breaks for the rich."

I've said this before: Let them. It's not that difficult in the lame duck session to pass -- or try to pass -- tax cut extensions for the middle-class only. Let the Republicans kill that because they want to save tax cuts for the rich. Is the GOP that intent on saving the Rockefellers and Hiltons a few bucks that they won't let Joe Cubicle keep his paycheck if they can't get what they want? Really? If Dems can't win this political fight, there's no point having them around.


Real Talk said...
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Real Talk said...

man Obama this isn't right. you r lettin me down Obama. u have to grow a back bone O. just let biden say the things u don't want to say. do something to show the people that u have a back bone. they just whipped u in the nov 2nd elections. and they have been disrespecting you sense you got into office. all i have to say is dont give in to the GOP dont look weak. REAL TALK FUCK'EM they wont to destroy this country. and i wont let them even though u would allow them to do so. so im going to say this FUCK FOX NEWS & THE GOP.