Monday, November 29, 2010

Wikileaks: Victor Davis Hanson Makes Stuff Up

VDH writes at The Corner: "Under Bush, press discussion of leaks focused on their embarrassing contents (after all, it was supposedly a higher calling that made brave whistle-blowers release confidential communications emanating from the Bush-Cheney right-wing nexus). In contrast, the press now seems more interested in responses of “How dare they” to the WikiLeaks methodology — as in, how could one be allowed to break laws and leak things from the Obamian State Department, if doing so might harm liberal diplomats, human-rights activists, etc., and embarrass a progressive government?"

Except this is demonstrably not true. Here's the Times' "complete coverage" of the latest round of Wikileaks revelations. Where's the "how dare they?" story? There is none. It's entirely focused on the (ahem) contents of the cables. Here's a roundup of the Washington Post's coverage. Same story. Here's the Guardian's coverage. Same story.

In fact, the main umbrage at the release seems to be coming from Hanson and Max Boot and Jonah Goldberg and ... other people on the right. There's no problem with that. But it would be nice if Hanson didn't make stuff up and offer no supporting evidence whatsoever.

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