Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NJ Pastor: Quit Facebook or Leave The Church

Inky: "The world's biggest social network can lead married people astray, says the head of the Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in Neptune, N.J. So, in his Sunday sermon, the Rev. Cedric A. Miller will announce that married church leaders have to log out for good, or get kicked out."

I'm not the position of offering church leaders advice, but in this socially networked age it seems to me that telling people that Facebook is sinful is like telling them that, oh, walking downtown is sinful. It's a semi-public square that can be used for good or ill.

If I were a church-goer, my recommendation would be to encourage couples to use Facebook in a way that's mutually accountable -- like, say, everything else in their marriage. But temptation can find you anywhere. If you're not going to use Facebook because of that, you'd best not even walk outside. There's really attractive women out there.

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Anonymous said...

If somebody has decided they are going to cheat they are going to do it weather they are on facebook or not. I didn't realize churches have become dictatorships in telling the staff what they can and cannot do in their off time. Our church has a whole network of people and our own page to talk to and encourage each other when needed. Instead of turning it into a negative, why don't you turn it into a positive experience for church members and staff alike?