Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More About Slate's Fake Domestic Abuse Story

Media Matters is on it. Apparently the one guy Slate scared up to provide an anecdote on behalf of the trend is, well ... you judge:

What the article doesn't tell you: Sampson runs a "Consulting and Investigations" firm whose clientele consists of people who say they were "victimized not only by cold and calculating foreign national brides, but by the 'system' itself." In other words, he makes money by helping men prove that their spouses are faking domestic abuse. Sampson has also signed affidavits used by Orly Taitz in her birther lawsuits seeking to prove that Barack Obama is not eligible to be president.

I should be surprised that Slate, which so vigorously points out bogus trend stories in other outlets, somehow fell prey to the same kind of loose-end reporting exemplified here. It can happen to all of us, I guess. But I do hope that Slate's media critic, Jack Shafer, addresses the issue. Or that somebody there does.

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