Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Harold Meyerson: Hire Pelosi


"Yet she remains the Democrat most capable of forging a unified opposition to Republican attempts to undercut key programs such as Social Security and Medicaid, and her record demonstrates that she is the Democrats' most effective fighter for the interests of ordinary Americans. That's not the perception, alas, but it's the reality - which Democrats ignore at their peril."

It is intriguing to me that the loudest voices against Pelosi returning as minority leader have been Republicans like Eric Cantor. He's free to express his opinion, but he might not be offering Democrats the most unbiased advice. Pelosi continues to strike me as a singularly effective leader for Democrats within Congress. I think she should keep the job.

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namefromthepast said...

I agree. Cantor should be quiet.

The best chance for Republicans to further their majority in the house and gain the Senate and White House is to keep the leaders associated with Obamacare, TARP, etc. in the forefront and continue to be the face of the Democrat party.

Keep talking Nancy.